Dakota James

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Dakota James
Name Dakota James, Samantha Jay
Born April 28, 1994 in Alaska
Height 5 ft 5 in (166 cm)
Weight 114 lbs (52 Kg)
Measurements 34B-25-31
Number of Movies 50+

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Early Life

Dakota JamesDakota comes from Alaska where she was born on April 28, 1994 and was an only child till she was twelve years old when her little brother was born. She had a very normal childhood in a loving family. Dakota used to dance for five years but she had to quit because of medical reasons. In high school she was a very social kid, and was surrounded with lots of friends, mostly guys, but she wasn’t much into dating. She lost her virginity when she was fourteen years old. Her first time she was with a guy who was in her biology class, they went to his make out spot where one thing led to another and she lost her mouth and vaginal virginity. But previous to porn she wasn’t dating a lot of guys; she has only slept with six.

Porn Career

After she turned eighteen, Dakota moved to Arizona and then Washington, but six months later she went back to Alaska where she started out as a webcam girl and an agency from Florida contacted her. She told them she needed a week to think about it. So her first entrance to the porn industry happened in 2014 when she filmed her very first porn scene.

Afterwards she made a break of six months and then started filming again. The reason for the break was because at the time she had a boyfriend, but they are no longer together. To this day she is an active porn star. Until her first scene, Dakota was never with a girl before, although she enjoys sexual plays with women. She didn’t even know that she would film her first scene until the last moment when she was called to fill in for a girl who didn’t show up. Once the cameras started rolling, she simply knew what to do. The director told her she did really well and that he thought it wasn’t her first scene. While she was growing up she used to watch a lot of girl on girl porn because it was turning her on, much more than straight porn. Her parents know what she does for living and they fully support her as long as she is happy and safe.

Personal Life

Dakota JamesDakota’s favorite position is lazy doggy, but she is also a pleaser and enjoys giving orals to guys. She says that she is really good with her tongue (she has a tongue ring). Contrary to popular opinion, she doesn’t have lots of guys in her private life. All the sex that happens for her is mostly in front of camera. When she doesn’t film she enjoys her Hitachi, but also likes the good old manual masturbation. Her fantasy is BDSM and someone to tie her down and take control over her, but she also fantasizes about teacher/student. Dakota doesn’t prefer anal sex, although she has tried it in her personal life.

Off camera, Dakota is really laidback person who does longboard and back in Alaska she works in a Bikini Hut where they dress in lingerie and costumes two days a week (Bikini Hut is a drive-through coffee stand and there is always cold, so you can imagine how happy the customers are to see semi nude girls selling coffee). In the future she hopes to stay in the industry but she also wants to go back to school. With her business mindset, she hopes to be successful in whatever she does.

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Name Dakota James, Samantha Jay
Born April 28, 1994 in Alaska
Height 5 ft 5 in (166 cm)
Weight 114 lbs (52 Kg)
Measurements 34B-25-31
Number of Movies 50+

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Dakota James

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